Month: April 2008

Freshness Burger and random Hokkaido shots

While I often write about rather chi-chi dining establishments, long-time readers will also know that I’m a huge fan of some pretty low-brow foods. Especially burgers. While in Japan this trip (I am writing this […]

Crazy days in Japan, plus pastry in Kyoto

Konichiwa! I’ve been in Japan for the past week, on a crazy work trip that will (eventually) take me to 12 different cities (or towns) in just two weeks. As some of you know, one […]

Obsessed with stuffed tofu

There are some restaurants and cafes that I go to specifically for one dish. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of the food served at these places isn’t up to snuff, it simply means […]

Gotta Go To GOTO

There are some restaurants that one goes to regularly, places you head to after a long day of work when the last thing you want to do is cook. There are other places as well. […]