Month: November 2010

Best yakiniku…ever!

I know I still need to post on the meals my wife and I enjoyed in Kyoto as well as update you on our weeklong eating spree through Tokyo, but I thought I would whet your appetites by dedicating one post to what was one of the best meals S and I had during our recent trip to Japan–and definitely the most fun. As well as one of the most authentically local.

Osaka 2010

This year, S and I decided, since we’re spending quite a bit of time in Japan, to not overindulge too much in Osaka, the first stop in our three city tour. Which is quite ironic since the Osakan philosophy towards food tends to overindulgence. Nonetheless, we decided, both for our budget and our bellies, to take it somewhat easy in Osaka. That means we skipped out a few favourite places, namely Kahala and Momen. We’ve also given Endosushi a miss because my gorgeous wife S is five months pregnant, which makes sushi a no-no (or at best a rare treat, and only at a place we trust completely).  

In Japan

Konichiwa! My voracious wife S and I are currently in Japan. Spent a few fun, food-fueled days in Osaka and just arrived in Kyoto today. We’ll spend a few days here, after which we’ll be […]

Bo Innovation

On my recent trip to Hong Kong, my lovely wife S and I had what was easily one of my best meals this year. We had both heard a lot about Chef Alvin Leung from Bo Innovation over the years. Some good, some not so good. Some outstanding. Which is often the case with chefs trying to push the envelope, i.e. trying to do new and very different things to familiar and classic foods. They’ll win over some very loyal fans who are totally blown away by the chef’s new ideas and his or her abilities to turn these concepts into delicious food. But this kind of chef will alienate just as many customers. And, of course, a good share of other diners will be impressed without really understanding what they’re eating. Alvin Leung is most definitely this kind of chef. And I very much belong in the first camp; that is, I am total fan.