Outrigger Hotel Noosa

Highlights from our trip to Noosa, Queensland, on Australia’s Sunshine Coast

The Burger Bar in Noosa, Queensland, serves up awesome burgers

Friday food porn: Sakura Swiss Roll

Dad’s Shandong-style Jiaozi, the best dumplings in the world

Kith cafe Singapore

Kith cafe, Singapore, has opened a very stylish new branch at ParkMall

Le Comptoir du Relais, a regular Parisian culinary pilgrimage point

Hidemi Sugnio Fruits Rouge mousse cake

An entremets primer: Japanese cult pastry chef Hidemi Sugino’s Fruits Rouges

The Noosa International Food & Wine Festival (part 2)

The Noosa International Food and Wine Festival, the most joyous food festival we’ve ever visited (part 1)

A bit of food porn: lovely iberico pork and foie gras slider from Esquina