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Month: January 2013

A chocolate Christmas in Tokyo at Pierre Hermé


I have a sweet tooth and Tokyo is a well-known dessert haven. When I was in Tokyo over the recent Christmas holidays, I could not resist the many sweet temptations abound in the city. I am a huge fan of anything made with sweet red beans, so not surprisingly,  I had an overdose of delicious taiyaki, which is the waffle-like, fish-shaped snack filled with thick, gooey, mashed red beans. As if this was not enough, my wife and I, plus our two boys, decided to check out one of the Pierre Hermé dessert boutiques in Tokyo.  

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The easiest pie that you’ll ever make – apple galette

Apple galetteI can understand why people avoid making pie, especially here on our little sunny island. No matter how carefully I plan, I always manage to choose the hottest day of the week (and perhaps year) to make a pie. The pie pastry is finicky to roll out, the kitchen is dusted with flour and the logistics to even “transport” the dough safely to the pie pan. I am amazed I have yet to give up making pie.


Attending Marina Bay Sands’ Epicurean Market


This past weekend, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore hosted its first Epicurean Market. I have to admit, although I have mixed feelings on the success of the festival as a whole (which I will elaborate on later), I had a wonderful time when my wife S and I visited–mostly because of the generosity of the participating chefs and the sheer deliciousness of their food. 


A Q&A with Jim Berardo, founder of the Noosa International Food & Wine Festival

Jim by Winston

Last year, my wife S and I attended the Noosa International Food & Wine Festival. It was, as we reported, the most laid-back, coolest, happiest food and wine festival we’ve ever had the pleasure of being at. This coming year, I’m very excited because the Festival organizers have invited me to come back as a participant. I’ll be speaking on a panel and taking part in a cooking competition.

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Chicha – the authentic taste of Peru in Hong Kong

the space at chicha restaurantWhen I hear about Peruvian restaurants opening in different cities, I keep an eye on them.  The world has finally welcomed Peruvian food as a global phenomenon, and new eateries are popping up in all corners of the world.  On a recent trip to Hong Kong, I visited Chicha, the city’s only Peruvian restaurant – Chicha is known as an exciting trend-setter in the local restaurant and foodie circle, and also the recent recipient of Time Out Magazine’s Best New Restaurant (People’s Choice).


Making cents in dinner with wines

The Tastings Room

Like most other fresh university graduates, my first year in the working world saw me nowhere near being financially robust. Going for a Valentine’s date often translates to wallet hemorrhage. Although many relationship ‘experts’ have purported that a good relationship is not how much you spend, the innate manly ego often spurs us to spend like tomorrow may never come. But having gone through such years, I am now more inclined towards maximising my budget on this occasion.

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Awesome ice cream sandwiches from Ice Cream Cookie Co.


I’ve always loved ice cream sandwiches. A good one, with artisanal ice cream and a homemade cookie, is a true treat. In the past, my amazing wife S used to make them for me. But these days, between work and looking after our hyperactive son, she simply doesn’t have the time to indulge me. Fortunately, I have discovered the guys at The Ice Cream & Cookie Co., who make rather exceptional ice cream sandwiches. 

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Maguroya – House of Tuna – great sushi at low prices in Singapore


What do you get when a highly reputed seafood dealer decides to open his own sushi stall in a local hawker centre? Quite simply, the best quality, affordable sushi in Singapore’s CBD. Until a few months ago, Alistair Douglas, an expert in sustainable seafood who actually did his PhD in the quality, cold-chain management and traceability of farmed Southern bluefin tuna from Australia to Japan, ran one of the country’s top seafood and gourmet produce importers.