Announcement: Congrats to Prisca Lim and Cheryl Ang for winning the free tickets to The Marriage of Figaro. The contest is now closed.

This is a post about opera. But it’s not about opera. At least not in the way regular readers of this blog would expect it to be. What I mean is that this post isn’t about the gorgeous chocolate, coffee butter cream and almond sponge cake confection in the picture above (but it was a damn good excuse to get S to make me one). This post is about the kind of opera in which large men and women with big hair sing songs of love, passion and grief on a stage in front of tuxedoed gentlemen and glamorously dressed women.

I enjoy going to the opera. I have ever since I was a kid. My father is a huge opera fan, so it was only natural that I grew up hearing it. But it wasn’t until I actually attended my first one that I began to really appreciate the art form. I remember that first one clearly, partly because that opera, Bizet’s The Marriage of Figaro in honor of the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birth. The opera runs from 14-17 July 2006 at the city’s premier performing arts centre, The Esplanade.

As a special promotion, I’m happy to offer each worth S$110 and are for the 8pm show on 17 July 2006. All you have to do is be the first two people to correctly answer the following three questions:

1. In what city was Mozart born?
2. In what year did he write The Marriage of Figaro ?
3. In what 1978 film starring Thomas Hulce, who also played the lead role in Amadeus, did actor Kevin Bacon famously say, “Thank you sir. May I have another?”

Please email your answers to Please include your mailing address so I can post the tickets to you (I should note that only people residing in Singapore are eligible for this little contest). The first two people to email me the correct answers will each get 2 tickets. For those of you who don’t win the tickets, you should still consider buying some. It should be a great show.

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4 July 2006


beautiful…to paraphrase ms.greenspan, with a chocolate glaze as flawlessly polished as an opera stage 😉

hmmm..I know the answers but I know that I cant go..hmm..:(..
If yuo are ever in town – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – do email me. I’ll give you tickets to see the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Btw,you dont have to enter any contest..heheh

Too bad I don´t live in Singapore! I´m a huge opera fan. Not a very intellectual one, though, my favourites are Verdi and Puccini , by far.
And if that cake is home-made, I am now overawed, officially.

oh that sounds so much fun! i love opera too, and am looking forward to my summer fix of opera in verona at the end of this month.. not quite mozart’s marriage of figaro, but it will be bizet’s carmen and puccini’s tosca! woohoo!

Very generous of you, ChubbyHubby. If you ever feel like sponsoring/donating tickets to Turandot or Julius Caesar at Opera Australia’s current Sydney Winter Season, I shall be the first to volunteer! Hell, count me in for Lakmé, whyever not! PS Great cake!

Keiko: Hiya. Well, if you ever visit, we’ll be happy to take you.

J: S, as you know, is quite the perfectionist. :-p

Thycountess: I feel like an idiot. I should have opened the contest up to Malaysians as well. Many apologies and thanks for the offer.

Ximena: My father has similar tastes to you. His favorite is Puccini. S made the cake at my request. Quite yummy. She followed the traditional recipe, which was good, but not mind-blowing. We’ve been thinking about how we can tweak it a bit for the better.

Lil: Lucky you! Opera in Verona… sigh.

Melissa: Thanks. Maybe we should convince the opera companies to sell tickets with gift Opera cakes, so long as they are made well of course. Or serve them with good coffee at each intermission.

Ben: Thanks. But I didn’t sponsor the tickets. It’s part of a promotional deal with the Singapore Lyric Opera. They asked me to help publicize this opera so I suggested that they let me have some good tickets to give to the readers. Of course, if we can convince the Sydney Opera to do the same, I’d be thrilled.

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