Calling all Singaporean Floggers!

It’s amazing just how many Singaporean food bloggers there are now. Seems there’s a new one popping up every week. It’s actually become really hard to keep track. Joone, over at Nibble & Scribble suggested to me and Gwenda that we get all these greedy geeks (myself included) together for a lunch… which is great idea. If interested, please check out Joone’s post here and email her for details and if you want to join us. We’re thinking of a Thursday or Friday lunch in the next couple weeks and we’re working on a really reasonably priced meal with (hopefully) some sponsored wines and other treats. Of course, any other food blogger in the region who can make it is also welcome.

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  1. spots 12 July 2005

    hiyee… a few singapore floggers met up a while ago, when noodlepie was in singapore (he’s an ang mo blogger in vietnam)… i was spposed to go but had something urgent on that night – think there was umami, aromacookery, ST and a few others? we tried to get shiokadelicious, but she didn’t respond… i will let them know of ur impending plans!! 🙂

  2. Chubby Hubby 12 July 2005

    Great to know. More the merrier. Joone is taking care of the head count, so please email her to say if you can make it.

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