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No recipes today, no restaurant reviews. Just ramblings.

Well, I’ve missed Is My Blog Burning? and Sugar High Friday this month. But I promise I’ll get around to posting results of Does My Blog Look Good In This in the next 2 weeks (which means I’ll need to get all the appropriate info to judges by tomorrow, gulp!). The judges, for you curious foodies are:

Laura from Cucina Testa Rossa
Michele from Oswego Tea
Monkey Gland from Jam Faced
Tara from Seven Spoons
Lynn from To Short Term Memories
and, well, me.

What a list! I’m very grateful to these 5 wonderful bloggers–all of whose sites I adore.

Have you all read the great article on food blogs by Liesl Rampono in The Age newspaper? While yours truly isn’t mentioned (sigh……), some great bloggers like Pim (of course), Anthony (go Perth!), Saffron, and Santos are. Congrats to them and the others featured. Here’s a link to the article: READ ME!

Anyway, I’m off to Shanghai tomorrow. It’s the tail end of hairy crab season and I fully intend to indulge over the next few days. Thankfully, this trip is a holiday, which means S and two other foodie friends will be going with me. It also means I can travel with my camera gear and take proper notes on what I’m devouring.

So, if ANY OF YOU HAVE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SHANGHAI, PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME. Email me or comment below. Merci buckets, as they say in gay Paree.

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  1. Lynn 26 October 2005

    I always go to Shen Yue Xuan in Ding Xiang Hua Yuan when I’m in Shanghai for some authentic Shanghainese cuisine. The braised Ti Pang (pig’s hind legs) is not to be missed.

    Another one is that Chinese restaurant in Xin Tian Di (the name escapes me now but there’s only one Chinese restaurant in that whole place) and I like their Opium fish head and the Zui Xie (crab dunked into alcolhol while alive and slowly drown in the alcohol) careful not to order the Qiang Xie as that’s prepared after the crab has croaked.

    Enjoy the hairy crabs and take lots of photos!

  2. Monkey Gland 26 October 2005

    I would just like to take a moment to thank the chubster for asking me to a judge. I’m deeply honoured. Anyone feel like sending me any kickbacks, bribes or threats feel free. I mostly like cake.

  3. 2-minute Noodle Cook 27 October 2005

    After this long on the road, I would imagine you’ll want something plain and simple like toast! The only recommendation I can think of is MacDonald, where the food is consistent – at least for someone who has language problems with the locals. At least you know what you’ll be getting … 🙂

  4. deborah 27 October 2005

    Cheers for picking up on the article.

    I visited CH on Friday to check on your sugar high friday post – alas…

    I look forward to the goodies you show us from Shanghai – Enjoy!

  5. Brando 27 October 2005

    uncle a & aunty mom, any chance you’ll be smuggling back a meaty crab morsel or two for the tall gourmandising blonde one and little old me? (insert best limpid-eyed look)

  6. cks7848 28 October 2005

    Hi CH

    there is a dingy xinjiang restaurant as follows:
    Shanghai Xinjiang Fengwei Restaurant
    Daily 10am-2am. No cards. 280 Yishan Lu, by Nandan Lu. (6468 9198)

    the lamb skewers and tiger vege salad and xinjiang beer excellent. before 9pm they have roasted whole lamb which can be carved… cheap and very good.

  7. Michel Lu 29 October 2005

    South Beauty is a new restaurant that just opened in Shanghai. Designed by the boys from Super Potato, it’s looks nice without being ‘over designed’… Food was pretty good when I was there but it was probably too new to make any judgements.

    South Beauty: (021) 624 766 82

    I normally also really like Xin Ji Shi in Xin Tian Di. Website here:

    And if you have time for a traditional spa session, the classy multi concept unisex haven called Xiao Nan Guo spa on the 3rd floor of Hotel Merry Rendezvous is heavenly. Haha, I know the name of the hotel sounds dodgy but rest assured it’s not. 😛

  8. clarisse 29 October 2005

    there’s a xiao nan guo restaurant as well! i don’t remember where it actually is, since i last went there a couple of years ago, but it’s a singular building with a couple of floors to it. it’s a pretty huge restaurant, but the prices are pretty affordable. the duck soup, served in a huge pot and with a whole duck in it simmered for hours and hours, is just the best thing to eat in autumn/winter season!

  9. Anthony 30 October 2005

    Ah bugger I think I’m too late. I went to this fantastic martini bar in an old house somewhere. Hmm that’s not very helpful. It’s brilliant for food, we were never disappointed wherever we went. And for shopping there’s great “antique” bric a brac. It’s a superb destination, I’m sure you had a great time

  10. Michel Lu 31 October 2005

    Martini bar in an old colonial style mansion? Are you referring to Sasha’s (the former residence of the Soong sisters)? If so, that’s lovely!

  11. Michel Lu 31 October 2005

    A review I found online here:

    House 11,Dongping Road
    Tel: 6474 6166 (10am-11pm)

    Housed in a magnificently restored 1920’s building, Sasha’s is widely renowned for both its fine food and its fascinating former residents – the influential Soong Sisters.

    Whether relaxing with a drink and dining on continental cuisine downstairs, enjoying bbq on the patio, sampling the new fine dining menu on the 2nd floor or simply retiring to the bar and cigar lounge on the 3rd floor, you can’t help wondering about the scenes in China’s history that were played out here when Shanghai was at its most decadent and later through the struggles of war and revolution.

  12. Lil 1 November 2005

    i predict you’ll be feature soon enough in another write up coz i absolutely love it here!

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