DMBLGIT, The Age and Shanghai

No recipes today, no restaurant reviews. Just ramblings.

Well, I’ve missed Is My Blog Burning? and Sugar High Friday this month. But I promise I’ll get around to posting results of Does My Blog Look Good In This in the next 2 weeks (which means I’ll need to get all the appropriate info to judges by tomorrow, gulp!). The judges, for you curious foodies are:

Laura from Cucina Testa Rossa
Michele from Oswego Tea
Monkey Gland from Jam Faced
Tara from Seven Spoons
Lynn from To Short Term Memories
and, well, me.

What a list! I’m very grateful to these 5 wonderful bloggers–all of whose sites I adore.

Have you all read the great article on food blogs by Liesl Rampono in The Age newspaper? While yours truly isn’t mentioned (sigh……), some great bloggers like Pim (of course), Anthony (go Perth!), Saffron, and Santos are. Congrats to them and the others featured. Here’s a link to the article: READ ME!

Anyway, I’m off to Shanghai tomorrow. It’s the tail end of hairy crab season and I fully intend to indulge over the next few days. Thankfully, this trip is a holiday, which means S and two other foodie friends will be going with me. It also means I can travel with my camera gear and take proper notes on what I’m devouring.

So, if ANY OF YOU HAVE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SHANGHAI, PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME. Email me or comment below. Merci buckets, as they say in gay Paree.

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