I’m typing this from Perth, where my wife and I have been the last few days. Last night, we got some horrible news. Our younger dog Alix (pictured here) has gone missing. She was staying a friend’s house while we were away. During a walk near Telok Kurau Lorong M, she got spooked by a stupid little boy on a bicycle (who almost ran into her), got loose and ran off. She was last seen running towards the canal that runs adjacent to Lorong M.

PLEASE, please, if you have seen her or have any information on her, my wife and I would be eternally grateful. Alix is a 3 year old Golden Retriever. She’s very small (much smaller than normal) with a short coat. She doesn’t bark (ever) and is overly friendly. She’s wearing a yellow collar with an AVA tag on it. S and I are very willing to give a small reward to anyone who helps us find her.

Please email me at aun@chubbyhubby.net if you have seen her or have found her. Also, I would be very grateful if you could ask friends who live in the East to keep their eyes out for her. She means the world to us.

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23 October 2006


I’m so sorry to hear about Alix – I can’t think of what I’d do if my golden ever went missing! I’ll keep both you and your wife in my thoughts, and keep my fingers crossed for Alix to be found quickly and returned safe and sound.

Sorry to hear about your dog.. ! unfortunately, i can’t be of much help.. since i’m in Canada..! but i hope someone finds your doggy soon.. and return him safely to you . .and your wife.. 🙂
Good luck..!

Oh dear. Sorry to hear abt Alix. Ok no probs, will ask my frens whom are staying in the East to keep a look out. Poor Alix, she mux be scared. I pray that she could be found soon. Will keep U posted if I have any info/news on my side.


i have help you to post the lost notices on various dog forums. You can find the links here


Do put up notices around the area where your dog was last seen.. and also, check with SPCA, do tell them to check the quarantine section and AVA.

Hope to get some sightings and that you’d get her back soon.

Glad to see your post. think we have found your dog… dont worry… in good hands. will contact u soon. Cheers 🙂

oh I hope the last post means Alix has been fostered by a dog lover and will return to you shortly. Please keep us updated.

Oh you poor dears, I know just how terribly heart breaking this must be for you both. I will keep you in my prayers and hope you are reunited with your baby very soon, and she is safe and sound. Hugs!

Sorry to hear this. I do hope you find her soon. I can only imagine how you must be feeling. Likewise, she must be really scared all on her own out there.

So sorry,I know how you feel! We found our dog in the pound after 2 days, had to buy him back for $45 !!Hope you find your’s soon..

Sorry to hear about Alix, I’m sure she will be back soon! Let us all pray for her safe return. I’ll help you spread the message around mate!

O my god! I’m so sorry to hear about Alix. I’ll keep a lookout for her and ask my friends who live around there to look too. I really hope u find her.

gladyou found your dog..she’s a beautiful dog with a nice colour.
dun be angry with the boy who almost ran into her,..after all he;s jus a boy who might just be learning to ride a bicycle, there’s no need to call a innocent boy stupid, dun you think.

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