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Married guys out there will understand my predicament. It wasn’t all that long ago that I could get my wife’s pulse racing. Sure, I may have gained the equivalent of a Golden Retriever in extra pounds, but that’s partly her fault. She’s the one who has been feeding me so well. I remember a time when she’d be breathlessly captivated by me, hanging unto my words, eyes twinkling with excitement. These days, however, I’m lucky if, even when I try my hardest, I can capture her attention, usually followed by a response of, “okay, sweetie… that’s nice.”

Which is why I used to really hate Pang Kok Keong. After first meeting the suave, spiky-haired chef, he was all my darling S could talk about. “Chef Pang has done this. Chef Pang has done that. Chef Pang’s created this. Chef Pang is so cool.” It was so very aggravating. I felt emasculated, wounded, cuckolded… and well, jealous. I thought I was the Big Dog in her life. But instead of wanting to talk about me, she wanted to talk about another man.

As soon as I tasted Chef Pang’s desserts though, any feelings of ill will I had for him disappeared. As the Executive Pastry Chef for the very well-known Les Amis Group and the creative force behind Canelé Patisserie Chocolaterie, the awesome pastry shop in Robertson Walk, Chef Pang is consistently and constantly producing new, exquisite sweet things for hungry hubbies like myself to feast upon. I won’t bother transcribing Chef Pang’s impressive CV. If you want to read it, please click here. I will say though that Chef Pang is easily one of the most talented dessert chefs working in Singapore today. I really like his caramel-sel macarons, his ice creams and many of his cakes.

He also happens to be one of the nicest chefs in town. Over the past year or so, S and Chef Pang have become good friends (and yeah, I still do feel a small tinge of jealousy when she talks non-stop about him, but as long as she feeds me his desserts, I keep my mouth shut). One of the things that S and Chef Pang have talked about a lot is the idea of creating a multi-course dessert degustation dinner. While some restaurants, most famously Espai Sucre in Barcelona and ChikaLicious in New York specialize in serving such sweet meals, there aren’t any places in town that do. Taking advantage of my recent partnership with OCBC Bank, that allows me to create special promotions with (and only with) chefs and restaurants that I like, I recently approached Chef Pang and suggested that he do exactly what he’s been talking about for as long as S has known him, i.e. create a super-sweet degustation dinner for a group of 14 greedy gourmands. OCBC has generously agreed to cover the costs of this very special dinner and is allowing me to give away 10 seats to my readers (as you should expect, only OCBC cardmembers can apply).

First, let me whet your appetite with Chef Pang’s menu. Here it is:

Pan-fried Duck Breast – Orange Chocolate Jam – Roasted Hazelnut
Tuna Tataki – Mustard Vinegrette – Crab Tuile – Seaweed Marshmallow
Roasted Pepper Tagliatelle – Olive Oil Cake – Spiced Pine Nut
“Tako” – Potato Jelly – Paprika “Cloud” – Aioli
Frozen Asparagus & White Truffle Lollipop
Pina Colada
Apple Ravioli – Apricot Coulis – Tomato Marmalade
Hot Chocolate Espuma – Frozen Kalamansi Chibouste – Exotic Fruit Compote
Raspberry Foam – Chocolate Tea Cream – Cocoa Bean Tuile
Flambe Banana – Milk Chocolate Yoghurt – Lemon Cloud
“Pain Perdu” – Spiced Fig Compote – Cinnamon Ice Cream
Rose “Bombe”
Orange Tea Savarin
Chocolat – Chocolat – Chocolat
Selected Petit Fours

That’s 15 courses of sweet, sweet fun. The dinner (valued at S$180 a person) will be held on 6 December 2006 at Canelé. We are offering two seats each to 5 lucky couples. To win an invitation for 2 to this unique meal, you will need to email me no more than 300 words on the subject, “My Sweetest Experience”. I’m totally leaving it to you to decide how to define the subject. Of course, only OCBC cardmembers are eligible to apply (and yes, this is a very transparent way of encouraging you to sign up for a card if you don’t have one yet). When you email me, you will need to give me your full name and IC number. Email to no later than 28 November. The winners will be announced on 30 November.

I’m really looking forward to this dinner. And I’m really grateful that Chef Pang has made time to make this meal. He’s currently otherwise swamped with work; he’s opening a brand new branch of Canelé Patisserie Chocolaterie on Orchard Road this coming December. Good luck and hope to see you at dinner.

Canelé Patisserie Chocolaterie
11 Unity Street
#01-09, Robertson Walk
Tel: +65 6738 8145

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21 November 2006


Wow. That menu really makes me wish I lived in Singapore.

Your story about the “other man” made me chuckle, because my husband and I both occasionally joke about our favorite celebrities. “I’m going to marry him/her one day.”

One evening we were watching Alton Brown (an american food personality) and I said, “I’m going to marry him one day.”

“No you can’t want to marry him,” my husband replied.

“Why not?” I was really confused because I’d never gotten that response before.

“Because he would actually marry you.”

As opposed to everyone else…

brando would like to point out that that sweet spot belongs to him 😉

anyways, thanks to this menu, i’m seriously considering applying for the card!

Looks like Robinson Quay is becoming a pastry paradise, you should also check The Chocolate Factory, Laurent’s desserts and chocolates are really amazing! And he also carries a very interesting retail line.

“as long as she feeds me his desserts, I keep my mouth shut”

you’ve sold your soul for pastries and desserts?

must be some really good pastries and desserts. =) i’ll be sure to check out canele very soon.

Amy: Great story. Thanks for sharing. Heh heh…

Rasa: Thanks.

J: Oops. Sorry Brando!

Andy: Yah, Laurent is damn talented. It’s a shame he’s not as friendly as he is skilled.

Mia: Please feel free to enter. To keep tabs on your application, you can call the OCBC hotline 18003633333. 😉

Sofia: I’d sell anything for great food. Pathetic, I know.

I have been to The Chocolate Factory a few times and he’s so busy that sometimes he doesn’t have time to talk or be as friendly as he usually is. I have also been to a few of his cooking classes and we get alot of interaction with him then. He’s actually a really funny guy especially when he gets very excited and talks half in French and half in English! You should give him another go.

Andy: Have to take your word for it. I’ve been to his cafe several times in fact. The first time I went, he was so rude to my wife and my brother’s girlfriend, we almost didn’t ever go back. The only reason we returned is because he is so damn talented.

Hi Andy

I have to admit that there’s more than one dessert man in my life. I’m a fan of Laurent’s chocolate sherbet and sables; and his madeleines are pretty habit forming. Rest assured that we continue to admire and savor Laurent’s work.

wow. that menu does sound fascinating.
are there wine selections to go with that?

i’m curious as to if they’re sweet, which wouldn’t be too appropriate, but completely in theme!

you know i must say that i only started following your blog recently, but i love the way you write. it’s very real. very accessible, and markedly different from many of the other food blogs i’ve come across before.

that, and i suppose the subtle singaporean nuances help loads.

by the way, do you know where i could find mahi-mahi? it doesn’t seem to be too common, and when i do find it, it’s sometimes a bit dubious in terms of freshness.

yea chef pang is very friendly. had the pleasure of meeting him last year when we commissioned him to make a birthday cake for our event which also coincided with president nathan’s birthday (our guest of honour).

He sure can work some magic in the pastry department 🙂

I’ve never had the pleasure of trying Chef Pang’s creations but I’ve only heard better and better things about him.

As a dessert addict, that menu knocks me off my feet. Agree with earlier comment about The Chocolate Factory. Wonderful black forest, but their blase attitude put me off. Not a peep of a smile.

in Singapore you get mahi mahi out of Bali – whole fish ($18/kg) or filleted ($21/- kg)- on order for delivery Tuesday and Friday each week. You can if you like get oz mahi mahi but the waters are very close. The fish as you know does not freeze all too well. About 2kg min for whole fish size. Company Classic Fine Foods 62753357. Please understand that they are wholesalers to the trade and can deliver provided you make a certain order value (which is reasonable)

Alternatively, befriend an angler – perhaps on this next trip he’ll keep you in mind
Mnsr. Cigogne

Hi, may i know the address of The Chcolate factory? Sorry have been away from Sinagpore for sometime, but i’m coming back this jan, so i hope to be able to try both canele and laurent’s desserts. thx.

oh my, very impressive dinner (!)
sweet perfection…would love to go 🙁
can imagine you being a bit jealous – that CV (!)
but does he have such a nice blog with so many loyal readers?? 😉

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