I’ve written previously about my brother’s amazing girlfriend J. I like to call her “she who bakes” but she cooks as wonderfully as she bakes (yes, I’m also referencing Chika). She’s also a pretty durned good writer and photographer and she’s finally gotten around to setting up her own blog! It’s named KUIDAORE, which means, supposedly, “eating until collapse” in Japanese. She only has a couple of posts up, but it’s already making me laugh and drool. You must check out her Plaisir Sucre, straight out of Pierre Herme’s Chocolate Desserts. Yum!

Link is here: KUIDAORE

About Aun Koh

Aun has always loved food and travel, passions passed down to him from his parents. This foundation, plus a background in media, pushed him to start Chubby Hubby in 2005. He loves that this site allows him to write about the things he adores--food, style, travel, his wife and his three kids!


3 June 2005


hi thereu are incredibly kind-thanks for words of encouragement. coming from the quadruple threat himself (he who cooks, eats, photographs, and writes as brilliantly as the best of them!), i blush!

I didn't realise that J and you are 'related'. I mean, I did notice that there are references to you on her blog and to hers here, but I thought it's just because you're foodies living in the same city. You're one lucky foursome, aren't you!? 🙂

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