Author: Brandon

Brandon Chew’s first memory is of him eating chicken rice at the dining table of his parents’ old flat. His second memory is of him politely asking for, and receiving, a second helping of fries at KFC, which taught him two things: manners gets you places, and fries are the most awesome food known to man. Brandon has just returned to Singapore from New York and is happily exploring the food scene here.
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Another great meal at Joseph Leonard, New York City

When my girlfriend K and I were college students living on the fringes of New York’s scenic West Village, there were two kinds of restaurants that we enjoyed frequenting. The first kind is the so-called ‘superstar’ type — this is the kind that has received widespread media coverage and whose chef clearly has his finger on the gustatory pulse of the city. The second kind of restaurant is the neighborhood joint. These are eateries which have won us over with their hearty food and good service, and which are typically a short stroll from our apartments. Joseph Leonard, happily, is a restaurant that falls into both categories.

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Brandon seeks out Singapore’s best set lunches: Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine

It’s no secret that Gunther’s, affiliated with Roberto Galetti’s Garibaldi group, is one of the best restaurants in town. The Miele Guide 2011/2012 ranked it the 14th best in Asia, and The Peak magazine recently gave it a nod for Outstanding Service. Five years after the restaurant first opened its doors—and five years after it was featured on this very website—people still rave about chef Gunther Hubrechsen’s flair, and the depth of his cuisine. My entire family swears by his cold angel-hair pasta with Oscietra caviar.