Quick and easy snack: baked doughnuts

Baked doughnutsI have a weakness for baking pans. Whenever I am in a kitchenware shop, I will invariably wander over the baking section, staring at and being in awe of all the baking pans that could be mine. For a couple of years now, I have wanted a doughnut tray. I love doughnuts–fried dough and sugar–what is not to love? However, for the following reasons, I don’t really want to make doughnuts at home. Continue Reading →

The easiest pie that you’ll ever make – apple galette

Apple galetteI can understand why people avoid making pie, especially here on our little sunny island. No matter how carefully I plan, I always manage to choose the hottest day of the week (and perhaps year) to make a pie. The pie pastry is finicky to roll out, the kitchen is dusted with flour and the logistics to even “transport” the dough safely to the pie pan. I am amazed I have yet to give up making pie. Continue Reading →

The addictive soft pretzel roll

alton brown soft pretzel roll

A couple of years ago, after finishing an exhibition set-up at Marina Bay Sands, my friend M and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner. We dragged our tired souls to DB Bistro Moderne. While we waited for our appetizers, we were presented with the bread basket. The first piece of bread that I chose was this dark oblong roll. The moment I bit into it, my brain screamed “pretzel”. The bread was warm, chewy and savoury. It was delicious on its own and you don’t even need any butter. Continue Reading →

A simple indulgence: Cacio e Pepe

When I was in university, my definition of a pasta dish was to boil water, add salt, throw in the pasta, cook, drain, and pour sauce from a jar over the result.  Sometimes, if I bothered, I would throw in some sausages or mushroom. It was really a bowl of noodles with red sauce (plus whatever leftovers I happened to have in my fridge). Continue Reading →

A bite of goodness: poppy seed wafers

As I age, I start to become wiser and learn the importance of incorporating whole grains into my diet. While I find it rather easy to add whole grains in my daily meals (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal), I rarely use them in my baking. Continue Reading →

A slice of history: Napoleon cake at the Grand Café in Oslo

A couple of months ago, I made my maiden voyage to Oslo, Norway. It is always exciting to be exploring somewhere new. And of course, it helps when my good friend, E lives in Oslo and was my tour guide throughout the trip. Continue Reading →

Nigel Slater’s chocolate beetroot cake: one of the best chocolate cakes I made


Putting vegetables in baked treats is not uncommon as they add moisture to the bake. We have shredded carrots in carrot cake and sliced zucchini in muffin – but beetroot in a chocolate cake? As I was watching Nigel Slater (in Simple Suppers) make a beetroot cake, I was going “what the hell was he thinking?”. Continue Reading →

A light and easy breakfast: crêpes

Every morning, I try to squeeze in as much sleep as possible. To do that, I often sacrifice breakfast. So when it comes to meals, breakfast receives the least attention, and is at times even forgotten. I dash out of the house with a poorly slapped together sandwich or simply drown myself with some instant hot drink. Even if I get the rare chance to savour it, it would be hawker fare like mee siam, chwee kueh and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hawker food – but to eat them every day – I am not sure if my arteries would approve. Continue Reading →

Making your own bread: Start with Peter Reinhart’s soft cheese bread

When I started baking, the idea of making my own bread had never crossed my mind. After all, bread is easily available from supermarkets and neighbourhood bakeries, and making bread seems labour intensive. Furthermore I am not a big “bread eater”. Continue Reading →

Playing with food: curried meatballs with raita

During a recent trip to Perth, I picked up a jar of Providore’s brinjal pickles. Once home, I had a taste of the pickle with plain white toast. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste – it was a mix of tomato flavours and mild curry spices. The brinjal (also known as eggplant or aubergine) itself was not too mushy. On its own, I do find the pickles slightly acidic (perhaps due to the pickling process), so I needed something to balance the acidity and elevate the curry spices. And the first thing that came to my mind was curried meatballs. Continue Reading →

Rachel Khoo’s Puy lentil salad with goat’s cheese, beetroot and dill vinaigrette: a satisfying alternative to meat

Last year, following a friend’s initiative, in the name of sustainability, I decided to cut down on the amount of meat and fish I consume and try my best not to eat meat during weekdays. I also started looking for recipes and cookbooks that are more vegetable-centric. Continue Reading →