Author: Melissa

Melissa is studying leather accessories design and making at the London College of Fashion with plans of launching her own business. She invites readers to join her in the discovery of leather craft and the fashion accessories business, and joy of living with a little more joie de vivre. Born a Chinese Aussie and greedy from day one, the ceremony and gathering of family and friends plays a big part in her delight. She’s looking forward to reporting on the best trends coming from the UK.
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Make your day with shoes – from boot to brain inside George Cleverley

Women are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying great shoes.  I know I can rattle off over a dozen names of amazing designers that create gorgeous kicks, ranging from elegant ballet flats or electrifying stiletto heels. The very best designers make shoes that are a both a joy to wear and that make us gals look simply sensational. Unfortunately, for the boys, the choices are a little more limited. As the devoted girlfriend to a metrosexual hunk, I admit that I devote quite a bit of my free time sussing out cool designers that I can introduce to my sartorially-inclined beau. Being in London for a summer of leather accessories courses at the London College of Fashion meant that I recently had the delightful opportunity to meet George Glasgow, owner of cult bespoke shoemaker George Cleverley