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Blogs to visit

Boy do things move fast in the blogosphere. It was only a few months ago (September in fact) when I wrote about some of my favorite new blogs. Now, some of those, like the always […]


We interrupt the regularly scheduled post to bring you this breaking news item: “AVA LIFTS BAN ON BEEF IMPORTS FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore will be […]

Childhood Memories meme

The latest meme that’s been making the food blog rounds is called Childhood Memories. Once tagged, we’re supposed to write about 5 childhood food memories that have shaped our current culinary predilections. Last week, the […]

Singapore Floggers Lunch

This afternoon, 12 of Singapore’s food bloggers (and one newspaper reporter) got together for a rather delicious lunch. For many of us, it was the very first time we had ever met (and as the […]

Turducken for dogs?

I’ve always been equally amused and excited by gourmet dog foods. When S and I spied this line of food, we knew we had to pick up a couple cans for Sascha (the kitchen-shark mentioned […]

The Cook Next Door meme

J over at Kuidaore tagged me on this great meme created by Nicky at Delicious Days. So, without further ado… What is your first memory of baking/cooking on your own? I guess I have two. […]

Macarons – Tokyo & Singapore

The best macarons I have ever eaten were from Pierre Hermé. Unfortunately, getting to either Paris or Tokyo to buy these amazing pastries is pretty difficult (anyone out there wanna sponsor me with a Marquis […]

The Genius of Jereme Leung

It’s not every day that a respected and discerning professional critic calls someone a genius, so it was incredibly thrilling to hear that this past Friday, a close friend was described as such by none […]