The best eggnog ever (now made with Thermomix)

For the past few years, without fail, I’ve whipped up a big batch of eggnog. And spiked it generously with a good quality whisky. Often, Su-Lyn and I will distribute bottles to friends and family. I always use the same recipe, which I shared on this site two years ago.

This year, I’ve tweaked the recipe. I haven’t changed the ingredients so much (although I made one small adjustment) as I’ve changed the method. And that’s because I have a Thermomix at home, which has made making this super simple. If you don’t know what a Thermomix is, it’s just about the best kitchen appliance ever invented. It’s a food processor and a blender combined, that also cooks, steams, and weighs. It’s great for everything from making dough, whizzing up a smoothie, cooking up a soup, or prepping a fuss-free creme anglaise (which is kind of what an eggnog is). Making the eggnog was done in three simple steps. Plus a fourth if you count adding in the appropriate hooch as a step (I call it a bonus).

For my eggnog this year, to choose what booze to use, I actually roped in my in-laws to do a taste test. I served them three eggnogs, one with Armagnac, another with rum, and the third with whisky. They both chose the whisky. But they’re also whisky lovers. So I made a small batch spiked with some gorgeous Armagnac, which I really like. And I made a much larger one with a helluva lot of Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt a bottle of which I gifted the in-laws as thanks for their help.


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