3 Italian sauces you should never buy at the supermarket….

pesto recipe

….because you can make them quickly and easily at home, and oh so much better. I remember when I first started to cook and I used to doctor up jarred tomato sauce with herbs and such. I felt very clever about making it “better” – until my mother said, hey, basically you can use plain old tomatoes and make a REAL sauce doing very nearly the same steps. A mind blowing food moment for a teenager – cooking is… easy?!?

OK, not all cooking is easy. But I promise you these three sauces are dead easy. You won’t want to buy them in the supermarket again because they take mere minutes to whip up and taste exponentially better. Never buy jarred or powdered sauce mixes again with these 3 simple and infinitely adaptable recipes for authentic Italian sauces.

So please, let’s make a promise to each other… no more supermarket Italian sauces!  And trust me, once you taste the difference, there is no turning back.

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Joanna Hutchins is a culinary travel blogger based in Shanghai, China.. In 2009, Joanna founded Accidental Epicurean, a culinary travel blog focused on Asia. Joanna is also a contributor to CNNGo, Look East magazine, SE Asia Globe and Two magazine.