A hug in a bowl: Puy lentil soup (with Parmesan toast)

Puy lentil soup with Parmesan toast_1After a couple of months of holidays and feasting, I needed to go easy on myself mentally and physically, especially for the sake of my stuffed tummy (and health!). So, I started to prepare light and satisfying meals, and one of my favourites is invariably soup.

Despite Singapore’s warm weather, I simply adore soup. It can be the simple Chinese “ABC” soup (pork rib soup with carrots and potatoes) or creamy rich mushroom soup. Everything about soup screams comfort. Effort is taken to prepare the ingredients, putting them together in a pot and carefully cooking and stirring over the hot stove. And when I take that first sip, I know it will make any sort of bad day go away. It is a hug in a bowl.

Puy lentil soup with Parmesan toast_2I particularly love this lentil soup as the preparation is simple and in less than an hour, you get a beautiful bowl of soup. Despite the simplicity, the flavour of the soup is pretty intense. The recipe calls for my favourite Puy lentils which hold their shape and hence do not turn the soup into a bowl of mush. The lentils not only contribute great flavour, but also bulk up the soup, giving you a truly satisfying meal. Serve it accompanied by warm crunchy Parmesan toast and it will leave you smiling. It certainly leaves me with a wide smile.


About Mandy Ng

Mandy’s journey into the culinary world began out of necessity–a means of survival whilst she was at university. She believes cooking should be simple and fun. Besides spending time in the kitchen whipping up hearty meals, Mandy also dreams of having a bottomless stomach that she can fill with all kinds of delicious things.