Better than takeout: Thai beef basil rice

Thai Beef Basil

When I was visiting a friend in New York, I was mildly horrified to find out that her kitchen was almost never used for cooking save for the occasional two-minute noodles. While she had not yet reached Carrie Bradshaw levels of storing sweaters in her oven, I decided to unabashedly boss my way in.

I made a super simple meal of pumpkin soup (it was Fall and pumpkin puree was everywhere) and herb-crusted chicken. She was sold…or so I thought. On her recent trip back to Singapore, we discovered that her favourite dinner was still Basil Fried Rice from Obao in Hell’s Kitchen—delivered right to her doorstep. Old habits might die hard but I don’t waver easily either.

So I set out on a quest to find an easy recipe that was better and cheaper than her thirteen dollar takeout. I struck gold pretty quickly while flipping through an old issue of Bon Appetit. I adapted the Thai Beef with Basil recipe by making it a fried rice version, but personally prefer the original: ladling stir-fried beef over soft white rice and topped with a fresh slaw of carrots, basil and scallions. It was weeknight dinner* perfection and so ridiculously easy too.

* I tend to go for the “quick and dirty” recipes after a day in the office and attempt the more complicated stuff on weekends.




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