Breakfast treats: banana, nuts and chocolate chips muffin

Banana nuts chocolate chips muffin

When it comes to breakfast treats like waffles and (American-styled) muffins, I rarely get them from cafés or coffee-shop chains. One big reason is that I can easily make them at home. Another bigger reason is that almost all of the time, the store-bought ones turn out to be quite bad.When I say bad, I mean both not knowing what ingredients go into the baked good as well as (usually) the taste. This is especially true when it comes to muffins – they tend to be quite blasé. Store-bought muffins tend to be overly huge, and oftentimes, overly sweet. Furthermore, the selection of muffins in cafés and coffee-shop chains is pretty limited – how many times have you wished for a muffin that’s not blueberry?

Banana nuts chocolate chips muffin_2

To make your own muffin is not difficult at all. Some bakery books even offer “mother” recipes for muffins and leave it up to the baker to add in whatever ingredients they fancy (or have in their pantries). My all-time favourite combination is banana, nuts and chocolate. I like my muffins to have a good proportion of batter and key ingredients. And often the ones from the shops are not very generous with their key ingredients. I like that when you bite into a muffin, you get a taste of all the different flavours in a single mouthful – in this case, you get the distinct fragrance of the bananas, the crunch from the nuts and the sweetness of the chocolate. Of course, the other great thing about making your own treat is knowing exactly what had gone inside your tasty creation. And seriously, nothing beats a freshly baked treat to make your morning a bit better.


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Mandy’s journey into the culinary world began out of necessity–a means of survival whilst she was at university. She believes cooking should be simple and fun. Besides spending time in the kitchen whipping up hearty meals, Mandy also dreams of having a bottomless stomach that she can fill with all kinds of delicious things.