Family Food: Choc chip brownie wholewheat cookies

fullsizerender9I love how deeply chocolatey these two-bite wholewheat cookies are. When you bake them very briefly (exactly 7 min in my oven), they develop a crisp exterior but remain soft and chewy in the middle. And for me, it is the shower of sea salt flakes just before they go into the oven that makes them so irresistible. I use a chocolate salt that CH picked up in Madrid some years ago.

These choc chip brownie wholewheat cookies are relatively easy to make even if portioning the dough out can get a little fiddly. I leave the dough to sit in the refrigerator overnight as I find it easier to reduce my baking prep time to short spurts of activity snuck-in between work- and family-time. The dough becomes firmer and easier to scoop. However, the baking time remains the same whether the dough has sat overnight or not.

If you’re feeling indulgent, these wholewheat cookies are also fabulous in whoopie pies held together with cream cheese icing. When pairing these cookies with icing, I opt to use organic turbinado sugar in the recipe as I find that it makes the cookie taste more complex and less straight up sugary. I also adjust the choice of chocolate (splitting it into 140g dark chocolate and 60g 100% cacao chocolate) so that the finished treat doesn’t taste toothachingly sweet. For Halloween, I piped icing bandages over the cookies, and stuck on candy eye balls for mummy cookies.

As far as chocolate cookies go, these double choc chip wholewheat cookies are our current kitchen shelf favourite.

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Su-Lyn is Aun's better half and for many years, the secret Editor behind this blog known to readers simply as S. Su-Lyn is an obsessive cook and critical eater whose two favourite pastimes are spending time with her three kids and spending time in the kitchen. She looks forward to combining the two in the years to come.