Chocolate Raspberry Tart

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I will admit that I am not much of a cook when it comes to the savoury, but if it is one thing I can do without demolishing the kitchen, it’s baking. I’m not entirely sure where my love for baking stems from, but my family and friends don’t seem to care much for the reason as long as I continue providing them with their favourite desserts. One such dessert would be my Chocolate Raspberry Tart. So popular, that it has even proven useful when I need the occasional favour or two. Based off a recipe by Stephanie Jaworski (whose website and videos I absolutely adore), I have modified it slightly to suit, well… me.

You’ll have to forgive me though, for I almost never follow a recipe to a tee, and pretty much never measure how much I actually end up using. I did try this time, but there may be “some” discrepancies. Hur hur.

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This recipe is really simple and comes in most handy when the mother announces that morning that we have guests that evening and she has completely forgotten dessert (provided you magically have all the ingredients in your kitchen). Also, if you really don’t have the six hours or overnight required setting time, you could stick it in the freezer instead. Just remember to transfer it to the fridge an hour before serving so you don’t end up with chocolate raspberry ice cream instead – though most people wouldn’t mind that either I reckon. Enjoy!



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