Curry Katsu

I’ve always loved really unhealthy meals. And while my lovely wife grumbles occasionally that the way I eat (and cook) is going to kill me quickly, she does entertain my vices. Case in point: she’s become a fan of curry katsu–a wonderful dish of rice, deep fried pork loin and some pickles, all smothered in this fantastically rich curry sauce. The sauce, by the way, is instant, i.e. out of a box.

It’s an odd curry, and I know many who aren’t fans. It’s thick; it’s sweet; and it tastes nothing like Indian or Southeast Asian curries. Urban legend is that this curry came to Japan via the British, who themselves had already bastardized it. It’s also almost universally made from one of several instant curry packets. In fact, I don’t know anyone, Japanese or other, who makes this curry from scratch. Most packets tell you to just add water and stir. When my wife and I make it, we add a whole bunch of chopped up veggies as well as some homemade stock.

Once you have your sauce, all you need to do is bread the pork loin and deep fry the suckers. (Which sounds easier than it is, but it ain’t… and boy are hot oil stains painful.) Chop the fried pork up and plate with hot rice and some sweet pickles. (We’ve thrown some boiled eggs in just to make the dish even more unhealthy.)

You can either smother the rice in sauce (like I do) or pour it into a fancy gravy boat, as they do in many Japanese curry restaurants.

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