Easy Breakfast. Baked eggs


I was reminded recently, over a great but ridiculously sweaty breakfast at Epicurious, an ultra-popular cafe along Robertson Quay, just how much I enjoy baked eggs for breakfast. Of course, I am a egg freak to begin with; I could happily eat eggs for brekkie seven days a week.Epicurious’ baked eggs were lusciously runny. Cooked with a generous helping of bacon and cream, and served with toast soldiers, they are simple yet entirely satisfying.

After that breakfast, I became a little obsessed, as I often do, with having great baked eggs at home. For the next week, I made baked eggs every single morning, trying to perfect cooking times and temperatures, while also trying to decide what the best combination of ingredients would be.


I’ve decided that my favourite combo is a pretty simple one, bacon and spinach with a hollandaise cream sauce and topped with gruyere. The recipe is below. Please note that your oven may require you to adjust the time. Plus you may prefer your eggs a tad more cooked or a tad runnier.


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