Family Food: Easy Roasted Vegetable and Quinoa Salad

If you’ve been put off by bland tasting quinoa salads (as I have), this recipe for roasted vegetable and quinoa salad may just change your mind. For the longest time, I put the blame on quinoa itself. Despite that fact that quinoa is a complete protein high in fibre, iron and magnesium—an all-round superfood—I’d avoided it like the plague for many years because the first time I’d eaten quinoa, I felt like I was being punished. It tasted like damp cardboard someone had forgotten to season. Then my pre-natal personal trainer, C insisted that I try making my own quinoa salad based on her instructions. She said it would be keep me from getting hungry too quickly (the benefits of a low GI diet) and give me all the nutrients much needed for baby building, too. Thanks to C, I’ve come to realize that a highly nutritional dish doesn’t have to be low on flavour. I ate this roasted vegetable and quinoa salad regularly when I was expecting T. It’s so easy to prepare and keeps well. In fact, it’s an ideal lunch to take to the office. I quite like eating it cold. I even took it on board the plane with me when I was pregnant and slightly obsessive about the nutritional content of the food I was eating!

Naturally, I was thrilled to discover that my son T enjoys this quinoa salad, too. I must admit that the version pictured here is a little gloopier (and somewhat less appetizing in the looks department) than I would have liked because T likes his quinoa on the moist side. But this texture also makes it easier for him to spoon it into his mouth. The great thing is that this recipe is highly adaptable. I sometimes toss in flecked, grilled fish or diced chicken into it for T. For the rest of the family, this roasted vegetable and quinoa salad is also a great side dish. When I’m not planning on serving it to T, I often toss leftovers and roasted nuts into it, and add a dash or four of Maggie seasoning to it to up its umami factor.

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Su-Lyn is Aun's better half and for many years, the secret Editor behind this blog known to readers simply as S. Su-Lyn is an obsessive cook and critical eater whose two favourite pastimes are spending time with her three kids and spending time in the kitchen. She looks forward to combining the two in the years to come.