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Best Pizza Recipe

Quick Basic Pizza

This is an awesome recipe for a super-quick pizza. I’d go as far as to describe it as the perfect spur-of-the-moment pizza recipe. I used it to make my toddler, T, pizza in 90 minutes flat. T, as well as CH and my fabulous mom-in-law (a discriminating diner, to say the least), gave it the thumbs up. So, this pizza recipe is a real keeper.

Ordinarily, I am not a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of person. I would never dream of serving pizza on short notice. My regular go-to pizza recipe calls for a slow overnight rise in the refrigerator which doesn’t exactly encourage spontaneity, but it’s never been an issue for me. The delayed fermentation delivers a pizza crust that is beautifully thin and crisp, naturally sweet, and generally well worth the wait. I love that it tastes so light, making it possible for me to eat a whole lot more pizza. In fact, I had made my usual pizza dough a week ago and served it to T and his cousins, TH and N. It was T’s first time hosting his own guests at home. The three little boys had a blast; they lapped up the pizzas. And I was actually going to update that pizza recipe, which is derived from a Peter Reinhart one, and share it with you this week.

But I’ve decided to save it for another time, because the pizza recipe below based on Jamie Oliver’s is so incredibly handy for parents juggling the unpredictable needs of a child that I felt it imperative to share it right away. Even if you’re not cooking for a child, this is a really great recipe for making scrumptious pizza in a jiffy. T’s random request for “p’za” at 4.30pm a day ago while rubbing his tummy with his hand in a circular motion (his baby sign for ‘yummy’) inspired me to try out this quick pizza recipe. Apart from being so fast and easy to prepare, it is also really tasty. T actually prefers this pizza base because it is a mite thicker than my usual base and the crisp, golden crust has a soft, fluffy centre. That said: it’s nowhere as thick as a deep-pan pizza. It’s just barely thick enough to retain its shape when a slice of it is picked up by little toddler fingers.

Best Pizza Recipe

Fortunately, we had extra tomato sauce from our pizza party (coincidentally made using another favourite Jamie Oliver recipe), some pesto containing basil grown on our own terrace, and heaps of grated parmesan, gruyere and mozzarella (which I now store in zipper bags in the freezer so we always have grated cheese on hand) in the refrigerator. So, for T’s unscheduled pizza dinner, we only had to make some béchamel sauce–because three little tykes had unanimously agreed that the all-cheese pizza was their favourite at T’s pizza party, and in my books, béchamel mixed with some tomato sauce really brings an all-cheese pizza together.

To balance out the nutritional content of T’s pizza (based upon a mommy’s instinctive logic and little else), we minced some baby spinach leaves. We also chopped up a little pork neck then marinated and sautéed it. T’s pizza consisted of a base smear of béchamel topped with a smear of tomato sauce, minced spinach, sautéed pork, and grated parmesan, gruyere and mozzarella (layered in that order). For the grown-ups, we added pesto, more basil from our terrace and tiny tomato berries that we happened to have into the mix. My personal favourite had a whole egg yolk baked onto just my slice of pizza. It was pure heaven.

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