Family Food: Savoury Rosemary-Parmesan Mini Madeleines

Family Food: Savoury Rosemary Madeleines

Family Food: Savoury Rosemary Madeleines

This is one of those recipes that I reckon works for both papa and toddler. I’m constantly trying to find snacks for T (and CH) that aren’t packed with sugar. These savoury madeleines from Patricia Wells—inspired by Anne-Sophie Pic of the century-old Maison Pic in Valence, no less—fit the bill. They are an easy-to-make treat that T can’t get enough of.

It’s actually a recipe that CH tried out first. He’s the consummate madeleine master of our family. His were served hot out of the oven alongside a soupcon of killer shellfish bisque (inspired by the creamy lobster broth in Thomas Keller’s swish take on mac and cheese, the bisque is heart-stopping in more ways than one). We received so many compliments at the dinner table that I looked the recipe up. Not only was it simple to prepare, it also contained wholesome ingredients I was happy to serve to T (you may choose to omit the salt).

Family Food: Savoury Rosemary MadeleinesSo, for T’s playschool end of term party, I requested that CH make these. I am glad that they went down well with his classmates as well as their mothers. I’ve since tested the recipe and made minor adjustments.

The original calls for the batter to be blended in a food processor, but I found it a hassle to wash a food processor just for this tiny bit of batter. I basically used one mixing bowl in which I weighed/measured out all the dry ingredients, a glass jug for measuring the yoghurt before adding the egg, and a whisk. However, if you prefer to use a food processor, just blend the flour, baking powder, salt, egg and yoghurt first. Then add the cheese and herbs and blend again.

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