My favourite comfort food – mushroom quesadillas

Mushroom quesadilla

I got pretty sick the past couple of weeks. I had a bad bout of flu and cough, and I lost my taste buds. I was so buried under my blanket that our editor, Charmaine was rather shocked that she had not heard from me for a while.

While I was sick, I could barely cook anything. And because I lost my taste buds, I became drawn to foods that were high in sodium–canned Campbell’s soup became my best friend. As I got better, I continued to crave for rich, salty food. For the sake of my blood pressure, I knew that canned soup was not a long term solution.

Mushroom quesadilla_2My next best alternative was an easy, cheesy and my all-time favourite comfort food – mushrooms= quesadillas. To me, melted cheese and pan-fried mushrooms wrapped together is just perfection. The beauty of quesadillas is that you do not have to limit yourself to mushrooms. You can use just about any leftovers–roasted chicken, prawns, grilled vegetables and so on. And let’s be honest, we can never go wrong when we combine anything with melted cheese (okay, maybe not everything).

About Mandy Ng

Mandy’s journey into the culinary world began out of necessity–a means of survival whilst she was at university. She believes cooking should be simple and fun. Besides spending time in the kitchen whipping up hearty meals, Mandy also dreams of having a bottomless stomach that she can fill with all kinds of delicious things.