Preparazzi’s Jeremy Nguee cooking for me and friends, and superstar chef Willin Low


A few weeks ago, my wife S and I were scheduled to cook dinner for some rather important foodie friends that were visiting from London. However, that week and the week prior to the dinner party were crazy busy for both of us. As the date got closer and closer, we knew we were in trouble. There was simply no way we were going to be able to serve up a meal worthy of these world class eaters.

Fortunately, one of the local guests at the dinner was Chef Jeremy Nguee. In a hail Mary move, we called him and asked if he’d be interested in not just attending the dinner, but also in preparing all of the food. Thankfully, he said yes. The menu he whipped up was awesome. We started the meal with this amazing mee pok topped with scrambled crab roe.


After the noodles, Jeremy then served up a roasted, boneless suckling pig that he had stuffed with a mushroom and chestnut sticky rice. This was accompanied by several side dishes, all of which were super tasty.

As you can see from the pictures, Chef Willin Low also dropped in. Unfortunately, because he was (technically) working that night, Willin left early. But he also came early, hanging out with Jeremy and me in the kitchen while Jeremy prepped the evening’s meal. The three of us also worked our way through several cocktails during that time — which, I have always believed, is the best way to cook with company.


I’ve asked Jeremy to share his Scrambled Crab Roe Mee Pok recipe, which is below. It’s really pretty fricking awesome so if you are a crab fan, be sure to give it a go. If you need to find good crab roe, some of the crab suppliers in Tekka market sell it freshly picked.


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