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Mandarin Pancakes

About Aun Koh

Aun has always loved food and travel, passions passed down to him from his parents. This foundation, plus a background in media, pushed him to start Chubby Hubby in 2005. He loves that this site allows him to write about the things he adores--food, style, travel, his wife and his three kids!



  1. Laura Laura

    Delicious! Can’t wait to make these with scallions.

  2. Love the step by step drawings. By adding scallions will this make it a traditional scallion pancake?


  3. V V

    Thank you so much for the cool drawing!

  4. hahaha! the Slap pancake hard part really cracked me up for some reason… I suppose these are the same chinese pancakes that are sold everywhere as hawker fare in China… I prefer the ones with a touch of chives and even dried shrimps…

  5. Sheryi Sheryi

    This is totally awesome – the concept of sticking 2 pancakes together. I suppose this allows one side to brown while keeping the pancake moist. Cant wait to try. Great graphics! Great post!

  6. Heading home to make these. Right now. Thank you for pulling me away from my work.

  7. elaine elaine

    so i stick the oil side to the oil side? 😀

  8. Peking duck time!!!

    Love the illustrations…

  9. Omg, I really like the illustration. Did you draw them yourself? I’m going to try this mandarin recipe today, I’ll let you know how it went.

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