Mandarin Pancakes

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  1. Laura 1 April 2010

    Delicious! Can’t wait to make these with scallions.

  2. Daniel@ The Food Addicts 1 April 2010

    Love the step by step drawings. By adding scallions will this make it a traditional scallion pancake?


  3. gtrine 2 April 2010

    awesome graphic!

  4. V 2 April 2010

    Thank you so much for the cool drawing!

  5. Fred Lin 3 April 2010

    hahaha! the Slap pancake hard part really cracked me up for some reason… I suppose these are the same chinese pancakes that are sold everywhere as hawker fare in China… I prefer the ones with a touch of chives and even dried shrimps…

  6. Sheryi 3 April 2010

    This is totally awesome – the concept of sticking 2 pancakes together. I suppose this allows one side to brown while keeping the pancake moist. Cant wait to try. Great graphics! Great post!

  7. Suzanne 7 April 2010

    Heading home to make these. Right now. Thank you for pulling me away from my work.

  8. elaine 23 April 2010

    so i stick the oil side to the oil side? 😀

  9. Beaulotus 16 July 2010

    Peking duck time!!!

    Love the illustrations…

  10. Joanne 4 August 2010

    Omg, I really like the illustration. Did you draw them yourself? I’m going to try this mandarin recipe today, I’ll let you know how it went.

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