Mandarin Pancakes

About Aun Koh

Aun has always loved food and travel, passions passed down to him from his parents. This foundation, plus a background in media, pushed him to start Chubby Hubby in 2005. He loves that this site allows him to write about the things he adores--food, style, travel, his wife and his bouncing baby boy!

10 comments on “Mandarin Pancakes
  1. hahaha! the Slap pancake hard part really cracked me up for some reason… I suppose these are the same chinese pancakes that are sold everywhere as hawker fare in China… I prefer the ones with a touch of chives and even dried shrimps…

  2. This is totally awesome – the concept of sticking 2 pancakes together. I suppose this allows one side to brown while keeping the pancake moist. Cant wait to try. Great graphics! Great post!

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