Mini cheesecake cupcakes

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Whenever Christmas comes round, it signals the start of mum’s American Cheesecake baking season. Her record was set in the early 2000s when 47 cheesecakes were made and sent out our doors over a period of 3 weeks leading up to Christmas. The whole house just smelled of cheesecake… constantly. So safe to say, everyone in the family is a sucker for the dessert. Thing is, everyone can also be quite impatient and lazy… things like needing to wait an hour for a cake to come out of the oven, or cutting a cake “neatly” are not our fortes. If you face similar problems – like a complete incapability to slice a cake and serve it without toppling it in the process, then this is the perfect solution for you; “Cheesecake Cupcakes”.

Cheesecake is not the hardest to prepare, but the tricky bit is making sure it doesn’t crack right down the middle while baking. I find adding a tray of water in the oven while you’re baking helps keep it moist and reduce the chances of a volcanic crevice. Also, dividing it into smaller portions means a faster baking time and even less chances of an unsightly crack – let’s face it, we’re not all born patissier(e)s.

This recipe is based off my mum’s old recipe, with some modifications by yours truly. Hopefully you find this recipe and these tips useful – comes in plenty handy when you need a dessert to impress with minimal effort. Enjoy!

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