Molten chocolate babycakes… with peanut butter!

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It wasn’t until two years ago that La Mother dearest found it necessary to learn how to cook – which was rather odd I suppose, given what a fantastic cook my maternal grandmother is, and how my mum was raised in a very typical Kampung environment in Muar, i.e. great Peranakan and Malaysian food. Prior to her learning how to cook however, she did learn how to bake an exceptionally good molten chocolate babycake (aka chocolate fondant) – in part to save us from the teasing at school that our mum couldn’t cook; classmates can be a most unforgiving lot. “Hey, my mum bakes a great chocolate fondant ok? Bet you don’t even know what that is, so b****r off.” Pardon me.

She got the recipe off an aunt of mine, who probably in turn got it off someone else – this was in the days before any of them knew how to use the Internet. She has modified it since then, like adding my brother’s favourite peanut butter right smack in the center of all that chocolatey goodness. It only takes 30min to prep and around 11min to bake (depending on your oven) so it’s really not as hard to make as the restaurants make it out to be – which is probably why I don’t believe in ordering it when I go out to eat anymore…

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Having lived in Sydney for 4 years, Amy is currently on a quest to find the best coffee joint in Singapore to supply her with her necessary caffeine dosage, as she feels an 8 hour flight on daily basis is taking things a bit too far. When she is not on her quest, she enjoys the more mundane things in life like singing in the shower as she contemplates life, as well as fashion, photography, food, music and the occasional travelling.