My improvised herb-stuffed tomatoes

Herb stuffed tomatoes

When I first started cooking, I would follow recipes to a tee. I would make sure I have all the ingredients, measure them carefully and read the cooking steps over and over again. Over time, as I gained confidence (and laziness) in the kitchen, I almost never use the exact ingredients and steps stated in a recipe.

In fact, I always question recipes that require you to use five mixing bowls to make a cake. Do I really need to use five bowls? Will the cake be less delicious if I only use three bowls? I think we all know the answer. The same applies to the ingredient list. As I started to cook more often, I also learned about the flavour profile and pairing of each ingredient. For example, apple is best mated with cinnamon and nutmeg, and tomato loves to be paired with basil or oregano.

Though I would admit to a few disasters from my improvised cooking, most of the time, everything turns out to be alright. When I tried these herb-stuffed tomatoes, I did not have any onions, fresh oregano and parsley in the kitchen. I made a few adjustments based on what I had in the kitchen and garden. The result is a beautiful accompaniment to salads or mains. This is a deceptively simple yet rich in flavour dish to make. You can easily double or triple the recipe for potluck parties and picnics.

About Mandy Ng

Mandy’s journey into the culinary world began out of necessity–a means of survival whilst she was at university. She believes cooking should be simple and fun. Besides spending time in the kitchen whipping up hearty meals, Mandy also dreams of having a bottomless stomach that she can fill with all kinds of delicious things.