Nespresso Aeroccino hack

Nespresso hackI come from a family of coffee drinkers. Every morning like clockwork, each person walks up to the Nespresso machine to get his or her first fix of the day. Personally, I’m not really a fan of Nespresso but do I love the Aeroccino – it’s quick, convenient and can do much more than froth milk for your latte.

Rose Earl Grey Latte

This all started when I was foolishly trying to kick my coffee habit and fueled up on tea lattes to ease the urge (I now know that it is a deliciously futile fight that I am happy to lose). While waiting impatiently in yet another Starbucks line and cursing my caffeine-deprived self for spending seven dollars on a soy matcha latte, I set out on a mission to create a healthier, cheaper version.

Once I got my hands on good quality, reasonably priced matcha powder – you’ll want to use the good stuff for drinking – it was as simple as figuring out the ideal measurements for a recipe. If you’re going to use soy milk, it might be worth noting that a slightly sweeter version works best to complement the bitterness of matcha. Personally, I tried out Bonsoy, Pacific and Soy Dream before sticking with the latter.

It wasn’t long before I began experimenting the heck (sorry I had to) out of the Aeroccino and honestly, it really is a fun little gadget. Get a few friends together and mix it up. It’s great for creating a silky hot chocolates and whizzing up homemade tea infusions, but here are two favourites from my Aeroccino hack. Enjoy.


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