Nigella’s Banana Muffins

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This morning, my wife, S, decided she’d bake us up a quick breakfast. We had some bananas that were turning just a tad too ripe and had to be eaten right away, mashed up and turned into something, or thrown out. She decided she’d try option 2 and turned to Nigella’s How To Be A Domestic Goddess. In this rather delicious (but often inaccurate) book, there’s a recipe for Banana Muffins that Ms Lawson claims is so easy any child could make it.

I won’t include the recipe here. Any one who really wants it can get it out of the book (it is on page 220 in the 2000 Chatto & Windus edition). I will say though that the ingredients are pretty simple: butter, honey, vanilla extract, bananas, flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, cinnamon, and salt. Amusingly, S noted that the ingredient list was quite dog-friendly as well—especially with the use of honey instead of processed sugars.

The muffins were, as promised, easy to make. Unfortunately, they were also pretty mediocre. Overall, they lacked flavour. It could have been the use of honey instead of sugar. It could have been the bananas we used. Maybe Nigella simply likes her muffins bland. Anyway, even though we didn’t particularly enjoy them, they didn’t go to waste. Simply put, they’ve gone to the dogs.

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