One-pot wonder: vegetable lasagne

vegetable lasagne 1

The last lasagne that I had was at a potluck party, where a friend SL made the most delicious eggplant, mushrooms, beef, pork and tomato number. It was oozy and comforting and I had no trouble clearing out a hefty portion. The lasagne went down easy. The only problem was that it kinda sat in my stomach like a stone for a rather long while after that. Although I know that the blame falls largely on me for lacking self-control, it got me thinking as to whether I could create a lighter lasagne, that was just as hearty and satisfying.

Ree’s recipe hit the nail on the head. I love the lashings of cheese, rich flavours and textures of the different vegetables and especially that I didn’t need to make a béchamel  sauce. The beauty of a recipe like this is that you can use any vegetables you fancy, or whatever was freshest in the market that day. Field mushrooms, portobellos, yellow squash, a touch of chilli, all work well here. It was as fuss-free as lasagne recipes come. Having said that, there’s a fair bit of chopping and prep involved, on top of a 45-min cooking time. However, the thumbs-up I got from the hubby after his first bite, made it all worth-while. He likes his share with a little tabasco dribbled over, but my daughter and I adore it the way it is, in all its cheesy glory. This is a perfect rainy-day meal and the leftovers taste even better the next day.

vegetable lasagne 2

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