Orange, sultana, oat and wholemeal scones

scones 1

This scone is everything a scone should be. Boasting a crunchy, sugary crust with moist, fluffy, buttery layers in between, it is robust, substantial and comforting. I am addicted to this recipe, partly because I like the scent the orange zest imparts, and also because the oats and wholemeal flour give these bronzed beauties a nutritional boost. Moreover, the buttermilk in here keeps the scones tender and gently tangy. I like preparing the dough the day before, leaving it in the fridge overnight and baking it bright and early for a killer breakfast the next day. I promise you, the delicious smells from the oven is one of the best things to wake up to.

Sometimes, to cajole my son to wind down and prepare for sleep at night, I’ll casually mention that we will be having orange and raisin scones the next morning, and late-risers will probably be left with nothing. That usually guarantees slumber within five minutes. He easily puts away two scones in the morning, together with a glass of milk and some fruit. Although my hubby insists that a scone-experience is only complete with clotted cream, butter or freshly-whipped cream, I must say that these are so tasty on their own, I wolf down a couple unadorned, every time.

scones 2

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