Pantry Basics: Cornbread

Northern cornbread recipe

Northern cornbread recipe

I thought I’d share this splendidly simple cornbread recipe just in case anyone happens to need one for Thanksgiving dinner (although this cornbread is so irresistible that I know that this recipe will going onto my regular, rather than special occasion, baking list). When I tested the recipe earlier in the week, I immediately knew it was a winner because my toddler, T demanded for seconds and was chasing me around the dining table for my slice of cornbread.

In our household, we like our cornbread yellow, light and fluffy–like corn cake or muffins–and with a distinct touch of sweetness. We’ve since discovered (thanks to the wonderful editors at Cook’s Illustrated) that what we prefer is Northern cornbread. Cornbread of the South tends to be made with white cornmeal and contains only trace amounts of flour, if any is used at all. It’s thin, crusty and more savoury than sweet. The Northern cornbread recipe below is adapted from The Best Recipe, written by the editors of Cook’s Illustrated. I cannot recommend this book enough. We love it. If you happen to prefer Southern cornbread, there’s a recipe for it in the book, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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