Pantry Basics: Easy Chocolate Ice Cream Shell


It’s definitely ice cream weather right now! You would think that to get a thin coat of chocolate on your ice cream would be a simple matter of dipping it into some melted chocolate. Well, think again. I’ve made some spectacular mistakes. It doesn’t help that doing something like that in the sweltering tropics makes it doubly complex. But I’m happy to report that I’ve finally found a simple chocolate ice cream shell recipe that works: chocolate and refined coconut oil. I did try the venerable Thomas Keller’s recipe first, but it still resulted in a shell that was far too thick. It was the Chocolate Bombe Shell recipe from the fabulous Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams that did the trick.

And boy, was it worth the effort! Nothing beats having homemade ice cream enrobed in your favourite chocolate (save for watching your two-ear-old grin insanely while he’s trying to master licking an ice cream with one of these). Just a couple of tips: 1. Use a tall, skinny container for your chocolate when you dip your frozen ice cream pops to avoid having to make a whole lot more chocolate than you need. I have contemplated acquiring a Zoku Chocolate Station for this purpose. 2. Definitely use refined rather than unrefined coconut oil because the coconut flavour overwhelms the chocolate and the flavour of your ice cream (unless you happen to WANT that effect). 3. I’ve found that Philadelphia-style ice creams (no eggs) stay frozen far longer out of the freezer and are therefore much easier to coat in this manner. 4. A thick piece of styrofoam is useful for holding your dipped popsicles upright in the freezer. 5. Having an assistant to help you rush your dipped pops into the freezer is very useful.



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