Japanese Souffle Roll Cake

This super easy to make, light and tender-crumbed Red Velvet roll cake weds CH’s obsession with Red Velvet and my love of Japanese-style roll cakes (ロールケーキ or ro-ru keiki). I winged it and made one for CH’s birthday earlier this year, but only managed to re-test the recipe this past weekend before sharing it. It’s not a traditional Red Velvet by any stretch, but I adore the fact that it delivers the flavours we associate with Red Velvet in a delicate cake that is the perfect sweet ending to an indulgent multi-course meal.

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7 December 2012


Hi S,

I’ve tried your matcha roll recipe a few times with great success. Everyone who has tried it loves its light and soft texture! Have even managed to tweak it to a Pandan version- still as fab.

However, this red velvet version has proved quite challenging. My cake turned out much more dense and wet as opposed to the airy texture you still seem to be able to get (seen from your picture). Any idea where I’ve possibly gone wrong? At which stage should I see tell tale signs that the batter is already too wet? And also, what brand of eggs do you use? The local supermarket offers so much variety with differences in size and quality.


Hi LC,
I’m sorry this recipe hasn’t worked out for you 🙁 I use jumbo-sized eggs which I buy from Tekka Market as they seem to be fresher than anything I can find at the supermarket. I believe they are still from Chew’s. I’ve generally found that the danger in this recipe is in getting it too dry rather than two wet.

What kind of cocoa powder do you use?

The best thing may be for me to make another one of these using this recipe and see what might have gone wrong. I’m just traveling right now. Please let me get back to you.


Dear LC
I just tested this recipe again yesterday and it worked. Hmm, perhaps you want to try using the freshest eggs possible? The eggs I use actually have no brand but are sold as kampung eggs from Malaysia at the stall I go to in Tekka. I generally by eggs that are between 60 to 70g.

My guess is that the cake may turn out flat if the whites have not been whisked adequately. When you whisk them, always try to use a spatula to check if there is any residual egg white at the bottom of your bowl that hasn’t been whisked.

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