Passion fruit curd pie

Or as it is known in my family – ¨Postre de Boris¨ (Boris’ dessert)

Boris was once the boyfriend of my fantastic cousin Ximena, who has always been a trailblazer and is a fixture on my list of girls to follow. Not only is she an expert bamboo taxonomist, a flower connoisseur and the head of a newly converted organic coffee farm but she is also a student of life and a beautiful strong soul. Boris, other than giving the name to this dish and who continues to visit my aunt (Ximena’s mum) from time to time, counts as his main feat the ability to cook. Back then, in the rickety kitchen of a 200 year-old farm of the coffee region of Colombia where the Pava women grew up shovel-in-hand, that was indeed, a big deal. Boris was a good looking young chap with his little trim beard and his big fat book collection. More importantly, he could stand his ground in a kitchen full of women. I loved observing the entire process, and considering that what qualifies as a typical dessert was half a tangerine under the iron rule of my grandmother, this dessert was a real treat indeed.

As with a few of my childhood memories, where things feature larger, shinier and fancier, revisiting this dessert made me realise that it’s not the hugely decadent delight I remembered but a rather humble sweet thing.

Running out of time and already in a frenzy to prepare a complex meal, and looking for just the right dessert? No need to worry! This little gem will save you in no time. In this case it highlights one of the most complex citrus tastes – passion fruit –  but may also be prepared with any other citrusy juice, be it lemon, orange, blackberry, mango or grapefruit, which means that if you have a well-stocked pantry you should be able to resort to this when everything else fails.


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