Plusixfive: a Singaporean Supper Club cookbook

chwee kuehAt the beginning of the year, I volunteered my services to test the recipes for an upcoming cookbook called Plusixfive: A Singaporean Supper Club Cookbook. At that time, I barely knew anything about Plusixfive–a supper club that is based in London and started by a very enthusiastic young man named Goz Lee. The story behind plusixfive is simple–man craved for authentic Singaporean food in London, man could not find good Singaporean food, and so man learned how to cook delicious Singaporean food. And one thing led to another–with confidence and help from a few friends, Goz Lee shared his love for Singaporean food by starting a supper club.

65 cookbookWith the success of the supper club, Goz continues to expand his love for Singaporean food by documenting the recipes that he and his friends have created for plusixfive, and giving overseas Singaporeans access to food that they love and crave. More importantly, it allows readers to understand the Singapore’s food culture and hopefully help preserve our hawker history.

In plusixfive, the readers will be taught the basics like cooking rice to easy, impressive dishes such as ayam buah keluak. Humour, doodles and illustrations are peppered throughout the book which make it a fun and enjoyable to read and to cook from. What I like most about the book is the snippets of stories behind each recipe. They not just provide a context, but also a connection between a cook and a dish. And these are stories that one can relate to.

Plusixfive: A Singaporean Supper Club Cookbook (S$44.90 w/o GST) is available at all good bookshops. Published by Epigram Books, Oct 2013.

Photo of the book cover is courtesy of Epigram Books

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