Power Breakfasts: Cottage Cheese Pancakes

cottage cheese pancakes

My son loves pancakes, especially if I use his favourite shape cutters to make police car-pancakes or mammoth-shaped pancakes. I’m sure he would be just as pleased as pie if I just cooked him his breakfast using an instant mix. But as mothers do, I’m always thinking of ways to feed my children food that is tastier and more nutritious. Packed with protein and calcium, these power pancakes give the little ones extra muscle-building oomph for a great start to the day! I think they are best eaten with fruit preserves, which complement the tang of the cottage cheese very well.

A cutting pancakes

My fifteen month-old daughter particularly loves them because they are super light, tender and moist (she still only has four teeth!), and I enjoy making them because they can be whipped up with minimum fuss, and in a matter of minutes. My son can easily eat eight police car-pancakes together with fruit and a glass of milk, and my baby girl frantically asks for “more!” as she eats. This makes me a very happy Mommy first thing in the morning.

C eating pancakes

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  1. Karina 28 April 2013

    Absolutely delicious! High protein makes this a great meal for the health conscious. Only problem is stopping at 2…or perhaps 3 pancakes 😉

    • Dawn 28 April 2013 — Post Author

      Thank you, Karina. It is yummy and healthy! Unfortunately, portion control is a problem for me too 🙁

  2. Karen 22 April 2014

    Hey! Thanks for sharing all the awesome recipes! Want to check that for your pancakes series, are the mixes ok to refridgerate overnight? Looking at the Buttermilk and this Cottage Cheese pancake! Doubt i’d be hardworking enough to wake up so early to prepare the mixes… Haha!

    • Dawn 22 April 2014 — Post Author

      Hi Karen, I have not left the cottage cheese pancake batter over-night in the fridge before. For some reason, I refrigerate all the other batters except this one. I’ll have to test that out the next time I make these.

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