Pantry Basics: Roasted Strawberries

I love the jammy, sweet intensity and appealing acidity in these roasted strawberries. Roasting is, for me, a simple way of extending the shelf-life of fresh, in season fruit. While I try my best to enjoy most fruit fresh and uncooked, the hours I keep sometimes prevent me from doing this. The worst thing is when I’ve invested a hefty chunk of change in the season’s best fruit only to forget them or take too long to get around to eating them and they go past their prime in the fridge.

Roasting also transforms strawberries into a versatile form that makes them more relevant to the way my family eats throughout the day. I have these roasted strawberries over homemade granola all the time. As is, these roasted strawberries are fabulous paired with ice cream or Greek-style yoghurt. To be honest, I also love them smooshed into double cream scones for breakfast or an afternoon snack. They’d be fabulous in a plated dessert.

I sometimes whizz these roasted strawberries in smoothies and milkshakes for the kids. They can also be blended and stirred into an ice cream base for a simple strawberry ice cream. I reckon roasted strawberries would also be delish strained and rolled into the core of a roll cake.

We use the roasting liquid in cocktails and mocktails. Occasionally, I throw the roasted strawberries into my kombucha’s second fermentation, then serve the whole fruit with the booch over ice.

About Su-Lyn Tan

Su-Lyn is Aun's better half and for many years, the secret Editor behind this blog known to readers simply as S. Su-Lyn is an obsessive cook and critical eater whose two favourite pastimes are spending time with her three kids and spending time in the kitchen. She looks forward to combining the two in the years to come.