My favorite vegetable is spinach. I like it cooked and I like it raw. In fact, it’s one of the few vegetables I enjoy raw. I really love spinach that’s been sauteed in olive oil and garlic. Whenever I’m travelling in Italy and it’s in season, I try to order sauteed spinach as often as possible. I’d have a portion with every meal if I could. I’m also a big, big fan of a good spinach salad, dressed with a warm vinaigrette with bacon and chopped egg.

My favorite style of spinach–much to my health-conscious wife’s horror–is creamed spinach. I love this dish. I love the rich heartiness of it and I love the taste. It’s the perfect accompaniment to almost any meat or seafood dish. And it’s great on its own, spooned directly from the saucepan into my mouth.

I recently tried out a new technique to making this classic sidedish. Instead of sauteeing the spinach and then adding the cream sauce, I steamed the spinach first. I also used baby spinach which meant I did not need to do any chopping. In a large saucepan, I made my bechamel sauce (melt butter, stir in flour, add cream, cook and stir) which I flavored with a bit of salt, pepper and ground nutmeg. When the sauce was just the right thickness and tasted perfect, I stirred the steamed baby spinach into the hot bechamel. I let this heat up for just under a minute, stirring, then turned off the heat and served it. It was fantastic. Unlike with some creamed spinach recipes, in which the spinach is overcooked to death, this spinach still had a lovely fresh taste. I ate it, poured rather gluttonnessly over a nice piece of grilled ribeye.

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3 February 2006


Ooh…I luv creamed spinach alongside with mashed potatoes (to e heck with it). Divine comfort food…& that ribeye looks absolutely bloodily juicy.

Bizarre! I was cooking my bastardised Sabzi Polow tonight when, at the very last minute, I decided I needed some spinach to balance off the meal. Made a simple garlic sauted spinach when I clicked on your site. Almost choked on my mouthful of spinach when I saw your post. Love creamed spinach. Might try your method one day as I hate mushed to death spinach too.

baby spinach when in season is my snack… funny, when people munch on carrot sticks or something, i’m there stuffing myself with some crunchy and delicious leaves… 😉

creamed spinach is one of my favorites! thats a staple of my steaks at my house. in addition to the regular “creamed” version, i make a version with Boursin cheese that will knock your socks off 🙂

Anonymous: I agree. Mash is the perfect partner to a good creamed spinach. Thanks.

Anonymous2: Creme Brulee. Well, I’ll see what I can do.

MM: Hi, glad to see great minds think alike. 😉

Lil: Yah, I much prefer spinach to carrot sticks too.

Tami: Ooh, Boursin spinach! That sounds great.

AK: Thanks.

Mochene: You’ve never had creamed spinach? Wow, well I’d say you’re in for a treat.

l: Thanks.

Gwenda: Hiya, thanks. Hey, waiting for you to post on your site. Can’t keep your fans waiting you know 😉

Hopluv: 🙂

i dont know if this is complete sacrilege, but i thought id suggest it anyways.

when spinach isnt in season, try chopped FROZEN spinach. ive been using it more and move in dishes like lasagna florentine, or even mixed into meat for my dumpling fillings. its really worth a try. =)

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