Spinach, cherry tomato and garlic pasta

spinach cherry tomato garlic pasta

Popeye owes much of his strength to spinach, and I fondly remember my three young nephews scarfing down entire plates of sautéed and creamed spinach after watching the cartoons. If spinach was absent from dinner, they would collectively rain hell and fury like you’ve never seen. I don’t blame them, and their allegiance is well-justified, because apart from being delicious, spinach features on most superfoods lists. I especially appreciate that it is high in anti-oxidants and vitamin A and I love eating it raw in salads (addictive with toasted walnuts, roasted pears and soft goat’s cheese). However, I hesitate to give my baby girl uncooked leaves and incorporate spinach into her diet by way of stews and purees instead. She likes those fine but she absolutely relishes this pasta that I often make as a quick meal for us four.

I adore the combination of spinach and cheese and compulsively order spinach ravioli with butter and sage sauce anytime it is on the menu at an Italian joint. But it is so ultra rich that I always feel too weighed down after I finish it. This pasta is a much healthier option compared to its decadent counterpart, without being at all short on flavour. The sweetness of the tomatoes and garlic make the dish sing, and a hefty grating of parmesan at the end delivers a good cheesy punch. It is tremendous as a vegetarian meal by itself, but my meat-loving hubby enjoys it even more with a couple of grilled pork sausages on the side. If your children or partner are not yet fans of the power veg, this pasta could be worth a shot. The leaves just look like harmless confetti in a bowlful of noodles, versus an intimidating blob of vicious green. Another good thing is that this dish is delicious at room temperature too, which makes it ideal for your kids’ school lunch or that upcoming picnic.

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