elvis with bacon

Riding on the wave of my last post, where I disclosed my hubby’s peculiar fondness for dolloping peanut butter in his cheeseburgers, I decided to explore more deeply, this pairing of the saltiness of meat together with peanut butter. It brought me back in time, to a possibly better time when bell-bottoms were très chic, when there was glory in the excess, when Elvis sang, and dearly loved a peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich.

Most people I spoke with about this sandwich idea made faces I wouldn’t soon forget. But it isn’t that inconceivable really, considering we love bacon with our maple syrup-soaked pancakes. Plus, most of us are already familiar with the more PG combo of honey, banana and peanut butter (pictured below), which my hubby heartily devoured as his lunch the other day. But when I mentioned that I’d be including crispy bacon the next time I make it, he was so delirious he almost fell off his chair.

elvis without bacon

I hate to admit this on a food blog, but I’ve been off pork for two years (I developed an aversion to the meat since I was expecting my daughter C) despite it having been one of my favourite meats before she was conceived. Nonetheless, for the greater purpose of this post, I made two proper Elvises (main picture) and ate it with my hubby. I didn’t expect to enjoy it because I feared it would be overwhelmingly porky, but the salty bacon juxtaposed with the warm peanut butter and oozy banana, created a symphony unlike any other in my mouth. There were crunchy, creamy, savoury, sticky, sweet elements in every mouthful. It was immensely satisfying and enjoyable (partly attributed to the guilt of eating something so sinful), to say the least.

It’s not everyday that I recommend this, but you might want to use the trashiest white supermarket loaf you can find for this sandwich, because I don’t think Elvis was the kind of guy who worried if his fibre intake for the day was optimal. Unfortunately I didn’t have any on hand and my multi-grain slices made me feel like I’d done injustice to the man himself. Inauthenticity aside, it is still a darn good meal, best eaten just as it comes off the stove, hunched over the kitchen counter, in solitude, save for an ice cold beer.

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22 April 2013


Dawn! Guess what? I am not a pork eater too. I will try but I will not purposely cook or eat. Yeah one more member to the club!

Hi Mandy, funny thing is, I loved pork until I got preggers the second time. My olfactory senses went all warped and steered me clear of the meat, up till now. A bit bummed initially, but I’m getting used to it. We’ll possibly be ordering the same thing again next time, like we did the crab pasta 🙂

I’m glad someone was bold enough to write about the love of peanut butter! My go to comfort sandwich is ham & cheese with peanut butter. I think it gives it the extra richness. I have to admit that processed cheese is best used for making this sandwich. But I know I’m not the only weird one out there, one day I saw an ex colleague (who happened to be a real foodie) eat a peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch and drinking miso soup. She said its the combination of the sweet with the salty that she loves….I never dared try it.

Dear Cherie, you could be my hubby’s fifth cousin. Ham, processed cheese and peanut butter… who would have thought?! Add miso soup to the mix, and we might enough ideas to publish a PB cookbook soon. My hubby likes to say I can’t call myself a foodie since I seldom have the guts to try food combinations that sound unlikely. I’d like to prove him wrong soon 😉

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