Orangette’s seriously chocolatey chocolate cake

chocolate cake

I picked up Molly Wizenberg (of Orangette)’s book over a year ago when I was preggers, following J around on his work trips and doing nothing very much apart from putting away spectacular amounts of food (especially cakes and sweets) and devouring large quantities of food narratives, which often come with lovely recipes.

As it turned out, I finished reading A Homemade Life in one sitting over several hours during one of those idyllic afternoons.  Molly’s recipes have won her fans all over the world, because the recipes are not too complicated, and the stories behind them are simply engaging. One of my favourites that I return to whenever I get the urge for something indulgent and seriously chocolatey is her winning-hearts-and-minds cake.

It brings to mind the flourless chocolate molten cake that has been uber popular since the 90s, but with somewhat less molten in it – heck, it’s really just chocolate and butter! Best of all, the recipe has just five ingredients (all of which you’re very likely to already have in your pantry), making it a cinch to whip up when that must-have-chocolate-cake craving comes around or when you’re looking for a easy yet decadent afternoon tea or dessert item.

Make sure you use the best chocolate you can get hold of. To serve, I find that it’s imperative to warm the cake up, and pair with large scoop(s) of vanilla ice-cream, preferably one that comes with chopped nuts (you can of course add your own). This particular combination works best for me, as the cold ice-cream goes perfectly with the warm chocolatey sweetness and intensity of the cake.



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