World Peace cookies

cookie stack

I’ve found a new pen pal in my editor, Charmaine, who’s based in Hong Kong. We write each other about once a week, mostly just girl/mommy talk, but discussions inadvertently find their way back to food. One of our latest topics has been what we bake when we need a little pick-me-up, something that lifts our spirits on a dowdy day, or a sweet treat when we are simply in a gluttonous mood. She has a soft-spot for the all-American cakes, stacked high, with lashings of frosting. For me, nothing quite does it like heady amounts of chocolate, and this cookie recipe by the fabulous Dorie Greenspan, is my current obsession.

I don’t know the reason behind the name World Peace Cookies, but I hazard the guess that it’s because they are so blindingly delicious that once people eat this, they will be disarmed by the intense chocolate-y goodness and leave the thought of war far behind them.

I bake cookies on a regular basis at home, to serve as my afternoon tea, my kids’ post-dinner dessert and sometimes even as a quick breakfast. So far, I have trained myself to be satisfied with a ration of three at a go (ok, sometimes five, on bad days), just to make sure I don’t go over-board. But with these addictive dark chocolate nuggets, any notion of portion control goes right out the window. Half of my first tray of cookies didn’t even make it past the 15-minute mark out of the oven. I had them warm and oozy, straight off the cooling rack. Needless to say, the kids went crazy for these too, especially the little girl, who hovered around the cookie jar for days on end like a hawk. Anytime one of us made a reach for the cookies (which ended up being an on-the-hour occurrence), she’d come lunging, in the most un-ladylike manner, with her mouth wide open, voraciously demanding a piece.

cookies on rack

To Dorie’s recipe, I reduced the amount of sugar slightly, boosted the amount of sea salt, and included a teaspoonful of instant coffee granules. I like adding coffee to my chocolate recipes for another flavour dimension, and the extra smattering of salt heightens the intensity of the chocolate even further. These crisp-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside cookies are sublime on their own, but they are also ludicrously good crumbled over a bowl of vanilla or coffee ice-cream. Whichever way you prefer, they are a true indulgence for any chocolate fanatic.

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