I really don’t come to Hong Kong often enough. But when I do, I make sure I get a few trusted foodie friends to take me out for good local grub. Most recently, I had the great pleasure of tasting what might very well be the best version of Chinese roasted suckling pig I have ever had. I had relegated the choice of restaurant and what we would eat to my good friend Amy, whom some of you may remember from a very popular guest post she contributed to this site some time back.

Amy in turn consulted one of her very good friends, Peter, the greatly-respected blogger behind Diary of a Growing  Boy. They jointly decided that my gorgeous wife S and I should try what Peter (very rightly) believes is one of the best pig dishes in Hong Kong.

Neither S nor I had ever eaten at the Kimberly Chinese Restaurant in the Kimberly Hotel before. And when we stepped into the rather aged and fading lobby of this Kowloon property, I have to say that we did get a little nervous. The restaurant itself is not going to be winning any design awards either. It’s your typical old-school Chinese hotel restaurant. But the food… the food is something else entirely.

Amy and Peter kept the menu really simple. Fried fish skin, a plate of chopped up braised then chilled pork trotter, some fresh vegetables, and the two stars of the show: an ox bone and collagen soup and the Kimberly’s much-lauded suckling pig. The soup was lovely. Rich, delicious, and filled with goodness.

But the pig is what I am going to be dreaming about for months to come. I have never had a suckling pig the way that the Kimberly does it. But now that I have, no other style is going to be good enough. The chefs here debone a 30 day old piglet, then stuff it with glutinous rice. The pig is then rolled tightly and roasted slowly in order to give the skin a gorgeously crisp texture while also carefully cooking the rice.

When the pig is served, a waitress chops off the head–which is whisked away to be chopped up and then re-served–and then cuts the body up into slices. The crisp skin forms an outer ring, nestling tender meat and a large portion of perfectly seasoned rice. It’s fabulous as it is but even better with either sweet sauce, mustard or XO.

This pig was, simply, something really special. I can’t thank Amy and Peter enough for introducing us to this delicacy. It’s a dish I plan on having many more times, on return visits to Hong Kong.

Kimberly Chinese Restaurant
Kimberly Hotel
28 Kimberly Road
Tsimshatui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel +852 2369 8212

Please note that you will have to pre-order the pig and pay a deposit if you want it.

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18 October 2010


Thanks for sharing! I am going to HK next week so hopefully I get to try it.

Would it cost me an arm and leg? Can 3 adults finish this piglet?

Okay, so I’m off to HK in a couple of weeks to celebrate the big 5 — er — 30th… birthday and I have been thinking about the right place to eat. Thanks to CH, I think I now have it. What better way to usher in the second half –er — I mean second third — of one’s life than with a crispy, baby pig stuffed with glutinous rice?? I mean, c’mon! It doesn’t get any better than that!! And with a start like this, how bad can this new phase in my life be, anyway??

Who would have thought, in such a worn and weathered hotel you’d find top quality food. Well just goes to show you can never judge a book by its cover.

Emy, it will run you around HKD500 for the pig. They cut it into 12 slices so it is a bit much for just 3 people…unless you are very big eaters. We found it perfect for 6 of us.

The pig costs around USD 80. It will yield around 14 portions or so. Two portion would take up a nice chunk of one’s stomach space…

CH, I’m glad you liked it!

This looks really tempting! Although the doctor is prohibiting me to eat pork, I will still definitely have a crunch with this one! Besides, it is from heaven anyways! LOL. Thanks for sharing the experience!

Can anyone please help me with a recipe for a dish i only ever found in the far east – Singapore actually…not Hong Kong. It had a name something like Nazzi Gorring (sure that spelling is way wrong) and was fried rice based topped with prawns plus many other ingredients. i was only 18 when I last saw it 9 a ling time ago) but can still remember how yummy it was with a fried egg on top!!

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