Burger update

Following up on my recent post on my continuing quest for a great burger, my brother W, he who worships In’N’Out, recommended I check out the new Premium Burgers menu at One Ninety, the casual restaurant in the Four Seasons (Singapore) Hotel. They serve, he told me, some pretty tasty mini-burgers.

S and I made a beeline there this past Saturday, eager to check out them out. It’s a good concept. For S$23+++, you get three tiny burgers with your choice of toppings. There are 6 possible options: foie gras with fig glaze; wild mushrooms and chives; shallots and micro green herbs; black truffles and port wine; kikorangi cheese with caramelized onions; and sea urchin and wasabi. Each order also comes with a salad and fries.

I tried the foie gras, the truffle and the kikorangi cheese burgers. S ordered the wild mushrooms, truffle and kikorangi cheese ones. The burgers, I have to say, are really, really small, much smaller than I had imagined they’d be. Each patty was maybe 2.5 inches wide and .75 inches tall. Despite their diminutive size, the patties were delicious–perfectly seasoned, deliciously juicy, and cooked just right, i.e. medium rare. Of the ones that I had, the foie gras burger was the clear winner. The liver was wonderfully creamy and the sweet fig glaze added a nice contrast. The truffle was pretty much tasteless and the worst of the bunch. S liked the kikorangi cheese the best. To me, it was good but not something I’d crave–mostly because I’ve never been a big fan of blue cheeses. That said, this New Zealand blue is very nice, with a mild nuttiness that makes it one of the more accessible blues. Unfortunately, neither the salad nor the fries that came with the burgers were anything special.

Would I go back for these? Sure, but only if I was planning on spending the rest of the day shopping or hanging out in the Four Seasons neighborhood. At S$23+++, they’re not cheap, but they are good, if a tad small. It’s just a shame the salad and fries were so disappointing.

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